Humfree Bug Art has soulfully crafted graphics which infused with their mindful eclectic music manages to find a delicate balance between the two art forms. Holding the thread that keeps it all together, this Swedish quartet sews their visions and sounds creating an overall experience that will launch you on a mind-altering and colorful journey.

In regards to the American actor with a very similar sounding name-they say “[Bogart is]… boring, a symbol for stereotype manliness and old worn out traditions of male roles.” The wordplay that is the band draws attention to the culture of down to earth creativity and a DIY mentality, and this can be seen in the juxtaposition of words in the bands’ name. The mind of the Humfree Bug Art collective is one of deep, velvety layers and organically unfolding chaos, and the closer one gets, the more minutely one explores a single detail, the more one realizes the depth and intention that goes into every inch of their craft.

After releasing the 7-inch ‘Hawaii/Mirrors’ in 2014, on Swedish label Strangers Candy, they started to write and record their debut album. Unfortunately, the band sank into a deep hiatus in the middle of the process and they stopped talking to each other. The record itself wanted differently and after some time the band started to connect again by sending each other new recordings. Without really talking to each other they started to communicate musically and lyrically about what they’ve gone through and how it finally ended up in splitting the band.

”The first single ‘Eyeknees’ is about one persons choices and idiotic behavior, and the obstacles and dissapointments that followed. The record is also about the Swedish “jantelag”, and the problems you face when you think you have to handle your shit on your own, which in itself causes even more trouble”, leadsinger Arvid Jonsson explains. Soon the album was completed and entitled ”Nuthin/Sumthin”. A debut album that marks the end of an era and start of a new one yet to be explored. What is certain however is that Humfree Bug Art is an ever- evolving artistic project that seems to want to go it’s own way.